Adding Mobile Devices to your Organization's Acceptable Use Policy

A Mobile Device Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) defines the standards, procedures, and restrictions for employees' use of their mobile devices such as cell phones, iPads, and tablets.  Since mobile devices have become standard business tools storing sensitive organizational information, they have become a popular way to defraud users and steal confidential business data.

What is in an Acceptable Use Policy?

An Acceptable Use Policy is a set of rules created typically by the administrator of an organization's network that sets guidelines for proper use. These policies are an integral part of information security and it is common practice to ask new employees to sign an AUP before they are given access to information systems. Common elements of an Acceptable Use Policy include:

  • Statement of Philosophy
  • Code of Conduct
  • Consequences of Violation

Mobile Device Acceptable Use Policy Considerations

 As mobile phones became mainstream, Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) increased in popularity for businesses as a perceived cost savings. There are many cybersecurity considerations with BYOD, which makes the implementation of a thoughtful Mobile Device AUP a critical part modern business.Get the Checklist for Developing an Employee Mobile Device Acceptable Use Policy.jpg

Survey: 49% of health IT professionals worry about inappropriate employee use of mobile devices

Forty-two percent of health IT experts say mobile strategy can improve the responsiveness of healthcare staff, the majority also have concerns about its implementation, according to a recent report.

Jamf, a software support organization, interviewed 550 health IT professionals from the United States, United Kingdom, France, Germany and Australia. Below are the top three reasons respondents said they were concerned about managing mobile devices.

  1. Security: 83%
  2. Data privacy: 77%
  3. Inappropriate employee use: 49%

To offset these concerns, proactive IT experts have attempted to mitigate risk by controlling the organization's network.  Fully 76% of respondents reported they have full visibility into the applications used on their network while 56 % also report having full control of what apps can be downloaded.

What are you doing in regards to your organization’s mobile Acceptable Use Policy?  

Click here to download our Checklist & Tips for Developing Employee Mobile Device Acceptable Use Policy or contact us for assistance.


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