Baltimore Construction Company Decides It's Time to Rethink IT

Case Study: The True Cost of Managing IT Yourself

The Company

This nationally recognized company has been in business for nearly 25 years, has 3 offices in different states, and 40 employees. The type of business they are in  requires powerful computers, AutoCAD plotters and large printers, plus a sizable investment in other office technologies. The company owner is semi-technical and preferred to handle the majority of IT issues in-house.

The IT Challenge

The company used Summit for IT support, but sparingly on a time and materials basis. Users were not encouraged to readily phone us for support, oftentimes waiting until it was too late, and things were not working.  Members of the staff tried to fix network or computer problems themselves, often turning small issues into larger issues. Fixes that should take an IT professional 15 minutes to address would eat up hours of the company’s time. To compound the problems, when they would call us, it would take hours to undo the changes that staff made in an attempt to resolve issues, charged at an hourly rate.

Outside of support deficiencies, the company’s expensive equipment was not being maintained nor patched with the latest updates available.  This is like buying a new car and never changing the oil! They had no way to experience the true ROI of their IT equipment investment.  Without the critical patches required, the company also was vulnerable to security risks. 

Additionally, there was no guidance in planning for future technology budgets or properly selecting equipment. Many times, the firm would buy consumer grade workstations with specifications that are not suitable for a business environment, let alone a company that does the kind of processing they do.  Not enough memory, not fast enough, and with warranties that were insufficient.

A Better Business Solution

The company finally realized it was not in their best interest to continue operating this way. Switching to a managed services agreement provided employees unlimited remote support, giving users the freedom to call for help when they needed it, which reduced downtime. The agreement to manage their IT also gave the company priority status, making their support requests high priority.

The managed services agreement also provides added protection against security threats: anti-spam, anti-malware and anti-virus services on all workstations and servers, as well as regular patching of their computers and servers to keep things running smoothly and protect their significant technology investments.

The company also is taking advantage of our virtual CIO services. We assign a vCIO to their account, who keeps a close eye on the bigger picture and learns their business. Our vCIO helps them select equipment suitable for their users’ needs, schedules their servers for replacement near the end of their lifecycle, and advises the owner in developing a technology budget.  No longer is the business receiving surprise bills and making uneducated guesses; all of their IT costs are planned and budgeted.  Their vCIO also educates the business on changes in technology, new products that help streamline their processes, and evaluates these products before recommending them.

This company decided to focus on their business and allow us to focus on what we do best- managing and securing the IT infrastructure that helps keep them in business. Contact me if you would like us to assess your IT operation for efficiency, effectiveness and security.  

Kimberly Scolaro

Kimberly designs VoIP, voice and video communication solutions for organizations with offices both locally and internationally. With a background in education, Kimberly helps clients understand their existing communications, showing them how to boost productivity and save money. She specializes in on-premise and hosted phone systems and video solutions designed to fit her clients’ budgets. Kimberly enjoys hiking, gardening, and cheering-on her children in their sporting events. She is a graduate of Salisbury State University.

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