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Cloud Computing has revolutionized the way businesses acquire their technology solutions but many business owner still have questions about how the cloud can benefit their company.

What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud ComputingCloud Computing is on-demand technology. The cloud has evolved the process of technology acquisition for business owners. The traditional individual network model was expensive! Budget restraints prevented businesses from access to the highest levels of security, scalability, and compliance that only large businesses could afford.  With the cloud, any size company can now run their business on technology solutions that are dynamic, readily provisioned, and available on demand through cloud computing.

Taking Your Business to the Cloud

Forward looking businesses understand that technology empowers their employees and their customers to communicate and collaborate faster and better than ever before. Your customers expect your team to deliver tangible results in real time. Cloud Technology allows you to scale your technology resources based on usage and it allows you to automate and deliver management, security and operations updates across your network.

Manage Your IT Costs

With Cloud Computing you only pay for only what you use.  Businesses can focus on their mission, eliminate the burden of internal IT and Infrastructure costs and improve the security, reliability, and compliance of their networks.

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Gary Grabowski

A founding partner of Summit Business Technologies, Gary brings 27 years of technical experience as well as 20 years of management experience in owning and operating Network Business Solutions to Summit. His ability to relate directly to the concerns of business owners brings a unique component to the solutions developed by the Summit technical team. As an ardent technology enthusiast, Gary is passionate about identifying and developing technology solutions that can benefit our customers. Gary is a graduate of University of Maryland.

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