Giving Back: The Maryland Food Bank

Every year, just before the holidays hit, the Summit team sits around the conference table to discuss the holiday marketing campaign. We are never at a loss for ideas. Last year we had fun creating this video recounting how we saved the holidays for the North Pole, but this year we got to thinking... how can we help save the holiday for folks a bit closer to home? 

This decision was harder than you may think. There are so many deserving nonprofits, and we weren't really sure where to start. We finally decided on one organization that devotes enormous amounts of time, energy, and resources to making sure people don't go hungry: The Maryland Food Bank

The stats were astounding and really got the team motivated. There are over 665,000 Marylanders who don't know where their next meal is coming from and it only takes $30 per month to feed a food-insecure person for one year. And while the donations are necessary, the Food Bank needs volunteers to make sure the food is actually distributed and not collecting dust in the warehouse. So we decided to devote our team's time and energy to this inspiring cause. 


MD foodWe rounded up our volunteer team and showed up bright and early on a Monday morning to the warehouse. After a brief orientation, we were sent to the massive warehouse floor and quickly jump into an assembly line for our first project: packing meal kit boxes. Green beans, spaghetti, pasta sauce, corn and a variety of other canned products were stacked up on pallets in front of us. We spent the rest of the morning packing, sorting, taping, and cleaning in an efficient assembly line formation. 480 packed boxes later, we'd completed our mission for the day. The pallets would be wrapped and distributed to soup kitchens, food pantries, shelters and other locations throughout Maryland.

IMG_4514Volunteering at the Maryland Food Bank highlighted the sense of community that everyone at Summit Business Technologies highly values. The company realizes that with everyone's busy lives, it can be hard to find the time to volunteer - especially during the holiday season. Simply giving the time to a worthwhile cause benefits not only the community and the food bank, but it benefits all our volunteers as well. 

All of our employees are committed to being active and engaged residents of the Baltimore & Washington DC communities. Summit strives to empower our employees to take action and actively identify and address specific needs to make our community a better place to live and work for all who call the community home. 

This holiday season, please consider donating to the Maryland Food Bank or a variety of other great causes in the area by searching for another worthwhile cause on

Happy Holidays from everyone at Summit!

Lee Snead

Lee Snead is Summit's Content Marketing Specialist, and brings cyber-security awareness and training expertise from his days as a security awareness program lead for a Fortune 500 company. Lee focuses on quality content creation, photography, videography, and impactful communications that turn complex IT topics into easily consumable ideas. When he's not writing or filming, he's out on the water. Surfing, kayaking, and SUPing are this St. Louis native's forte.

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