Summit Rebrands and Expands Security Awareness Service

The Summit Security Awareness Service is becoming the Phishgoggles Security Awareness Service, a name that reflects the most common form of social engineering and the greatest cybersecurity risk to organizations.

With this rebrand, Summit also is enhancing the service with a new exclusive client portal that provides Phishgoggles Security Awareness customers with premier, curated content , from micro-modules to supplemental deeper dives. All elements are designed to reinforce learning, improve absorption and make alertness to cyber threats second nature.

“There is an enormous market need for a service like Phishgoggles,” said Michael Cohn, Summit's CEO. “Phishing and other online scams are the strategy of choice for cybercriminals, as it is far easier to manipulate someone into clicking on a malicious link than to break through layers of IT security.”

Dramatic decrease in susceptibility to threats

Summit first launched a security awareness service two years ago to reduce clients’ susceptibility to phishing and other social engineering threats that target human vulnerabilities. Its measurable success led Summit to expand and rebrand the program as the Phishgoggles Security Awareness Service.

Unlike traditional training programs, Phishgoggles is structured as a fully managed, ongoing service that enables employers to build secure behaviors over time. Silent phishing campaigns expose staff to simulated evolving threats. Micro-modules and immersive content introduce and reinforce key learnings. Topics range from basics, such as safe web browsing, email spoofing, and mobile security to emerging types of security threats.

“The more people we can reach, the more we can reduce the risk to the businesses, nonprofits, associations and agencies we serve," said Cohn. "We created Phishgoggles as a friendly, relatable character to encourage engagement with the brand, but more importantly, with the issue. It is our mission to make security awareness as habitual as using seatbelts." 

More information is available at and on our Twitter, Linkedin and Facebook pages. 

Marjorie Valin

Marjorie Valin, our VP of Marketing, brings 25 years of marketing and communications expertise to Summit and our clients, across multiple industry sectors including cyber security, associations and nonprofits, higher education, healthcare, financial and legal services. She helps define, direct and implement marketing strategy, content development, social media and communications based on business and branding objectives. From Fortune 500 companies to startups, Marjorie provides our clients with a depth of consulting expertise that extends well beyond IT and security.

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