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How Hackers are Using Your Address Book Against You

By Lee Snead| June 21, 2018 |

Tags: Security Awareness, Email, cybersecurity

D oes this sound familiar? A phone call out of the blue from a former co-worker, alarmed about an e-mail she said you sent her—only you didn’t.

 Janet, your former colleague, was clearly upset.  “I just got your email!Why are you sending me random links to these websites? I clicked the link and now my screen is filled with pop-ups that I can’t get rid of. I can’t use my browser at all anymore...

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How do I tell if this email is from who it says it is from?

By Lee Snead| June 19, 2018 |

Tags: Email, cybersecurity, phishing, cyberattacks

When Nigerian Princes and fake FBI agents pop up in your inbox, it’s easy to spot the spam emails that plague us these days. However, it’s those authentic-looking emails from vendors, retailers, charitable causes etc. that make it hard to determine if they are the real deal or not.

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Government Warns of IRS Phishing Scam and Fake Hurricane Harvey Charities

IRS and FBI Scam

The government has issued two different alerts to warn the public about new email and Internet scams.

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Benefits of a Creating Gmail Marketing Account for Your Business

There are many reasons to create a Google Account for your business. My top marketing reasons are:

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