Last minute shopping? Why not technology gifts?

The clock is ticking. We can feel it. Christmas is fast approaching and final gifts need to be purchased.

I am famous for finishing up most of my Christmas shopping at the last minute. Many a Christmas Eve days and evenings were spent at various stores and malls until they closed. Talk about a nerve wracking and exhausting time! Rest assured you are not alone.

So for all of the last minute shoppers out there, here is a list of categories, by no means inclusive, of ideas for practical technology gifts to help you navigate the last stressful days before Christmas:

1. Smart phone accessories and apps. The computers we carry around in our pocket always need accessories -- from rechargeable batteries to new USB chords to gift cards for apps. Let's not forget about information and classes that will help us better use our iPhones and Android-based smartphones.

2. Technology for the fishermen in the house. Fishing has evolved since I was a kid. Between GPS technology, smart phones, and wireless Wi-Fi, it is now possible to find fish, monitor water depth and temperature from the shore, a boat, or even on the ice in the dead of winter. Fishing is becoming a lot more like hunting with these technologies.

3. Cooks need technology too. Remember when your Dad bought your Mom pans for cooking and she got mad? Those days are over. There are now some neat technology-based gifts that you can buy that will make any cook happy. For starters, how about an Anova Sous Vide for starters. Sous Vide, the art of cooking food in a vacuumed sealed plastic pouch, has boiled over in the last couple of years. You can now get a device that heats a pot of water to a desired temperature so one can sear a steak, lobster or any dish for all of $149. Equally interesting is a wireless thermometer. With this device, one can cook on the grill and check the temperature of your ribs, steaks, brisket, or chicken from up to 160 feet away. 

4. DIY Home automation technology. I am not one to build anything in or around a home, but I hear from reliable sources that there are technologies that can assist one in doing this thankless task. Let's say one wishes to turn their castle into a smart home. That's right, use technology to automate it. Evidently, there is technology called Z-Wave that makes it possible for home automation technology to seamlessly work together. Imagine being able to control any two devices from anywhere in the world!

Last, but not least, Amazon's Alexa and Google Home are great last minute technology gifts. Or better yet, technology that has Alexa or Google Home embedded into smart speakers. 

So this Christmas, don't sweat the last minute shopping. We've got your back. You have many technology options to check out. Then when you are finished, you can prepare some steaks Sous Vide style and open a great bottle of wine! 

Enjoy the holidays and all the loved ones in your life. 

Robert Katula

Robert Katula is Summit's Sr. Account Executive and has over 30 years combined experience in politics, business development, technology applications, marketing, writing/blogging, sales, and social media. Rob’s hobbies include fishing, golfing, listening to live music, cooking, finding new restaurants to try out, wine tasting, and watching sports. He is a major fan of Ohio State football and basketball.

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